Breaches of regulations affect all of us!

Compliance, i.e. the observance of (legal) regulations, has always been a central concern of RAUMEDIC and part of our company culture. For good reason! Violations of regulations, such as arrangements with competitors, corruption, or environmental damage can cause a great deal of harm to a company such as RAUMEDIC. The effects, including the loss of trust, reputation, or customers, fines, or drops in sales, can be enormous. A small number of culprits can damage many victims and enrich themselves at their expense. This endangers the progress of RAUMEDIC, its relationship with suppliers or customers, and, in turn, jobs.

J. Wagner
“RAUMEDIC wants to be successful. Long-term goals and sustainability guide our thoughts and our actions. Healthy, solid compliance with the law and the principles of our Code of Conduct is a non-negotiable requirement. We count on your vigilance and your willingness to ask questions or openly raise awareness of uncertainties or even anomalies you have noticed. Drive RAUMEDIC!”

Are you a loyal, committed employee of RAUMEDIC? Are you a business partner who values their cooperation with RAUMEDIC? Are you aware of violations of rules at RAUMEDIC? Are you reluctant to communicate your concerns to your superiors or other regular contacts at RAUMEDIC for certain reasons?

We want to support RAUMEDIC staff and RAUMEDIC partners with integrity! Your trust is a priority for us. We use the state-of-the-art Compliance Communication System (BKMS® System), which allows you to submit your reports in a completely secure process – even anonymously, if you so wish. The BKMS® System is operated by EQS Group AG in a high-security computer centre in Switzerland. EQS Group AG does not have access to the data. Details about the process, the protection of the identity of the whistleblower, and their involvement in the solving of an incident by way of secure dialogue are available on the left side by clicking the corresponding questions.

Your reports and assistance help us detect breaches of regulations at an early stage, identify culprits, and prevent further damage. By submitting a report, you are making an effective contribution to the success of RAUMEDIC, its solid business relationships, and the security of your own job. We thank you in advance for your support. Use the system!

What kinds of reports can I submit?
What is the process for submitting a report, and how do I set up a postbox?
What protection options do I have upon submitting a report?