Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz

Join us in protecting our mission!

As the Swiss Red Cross, we are dedicated to assisting people in Switzerland and abroad who are particularly disadvantaged and at-risk. In accordance with our core values, the principles of the Red Cross, we do everything in our power to ensure that our employees and volunteers always act with integrity to safeguard and enhance the trust of our clients, donors and partner organisations. We are pleased that we have succeeded so well thus far and wish to continue this way.

If you nevertheless have concerns that certain conduct or incidents may violate applicable regulations, laws or Red Cross principles, you should express this concern in a timely fashion. This gives us the ability to address problems early and appropriately in order to avert harm.

Speak with your superiors or other internal contact persons (e.g. HR) about your concerns or discoveries. If you do not consider this approach to be effective, you also have the option of using this portal for submitting reports, even anonymously. Even if you are not an employee or volunteer at the SRC, you can submit your report on this portal.

We hope in this way to protect the good reputation of our organisation, and we thank you for your assistance.

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