Zürcher Kantonalbank

We offer you the opportunity to submit whistleblowing reports via this channel, even anonymously if necessary

Our whistleblowing reporting system is intended to collect information about alleged malpractices in order to discover such activities at an early date and eliminate them. All information and investigations are handled confidentially.

With the web-based reporting channel, which is based on the highly secure BKMS® System, anonymity as well as the secure handling of the received data is guranteed. The reports can be submitted either fully anonymously or by stating your name. Employees of Zürcher Kantonalbank should not make use of the infrastructure provided by their employer (e.g. PC, tablet, mobile device) when submitting anonymous reports.
Your report will be processed by the attorney's office Streiff von Kaenel AG, which enables a dialogue while still maintaining confidentiality and anonymity. The employees of the report-processing office are subject to business and banking secrecy. Depending on the content of your report, the issue will be investigated by the corresponding office (e.g. Legal & Compliance, Human Resources, etc.) within Zürcher Kantonalbank. This can give rise to internal investigations or a disciplinary process. Our goal is to use such reports to discover malpractices and prevent financial damage.

All details on the use of the reporting system can be found in the adjoining FAQ.

We thank you for your submission of such important information. Only if we have this information are we able to initiate the necessary measures.

Why should I submit a report?
What is the process for submitting a report? How do I set up a postbox?
How do I receive feedback and remain anonymous at the same time?